Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Super Seven Races

Last night Travis and I joined another 1127 people for the fourth week of our Super Seven Series 7K race. It was a gorgeous night, although pretty hot and really windy. (Unfortunately about halfway through, my suntan lotion started sweating into my eyes and burning...bummer...that sucks when you are trying to focus on your finish!)

The race was great. This was the first time that I actually felt really good through the whole race. Each K mark I was right on target. Between 3K and 4K I fell behind by 8 sec, but then by the time I hit my 5K mark I was right on target again. For some reason I felt winded between 5K and 6K, but the last little bit I really felt energized and kicked it up a notch...Finished 11 seconds faster than my previous record time, and came in this week at a PR 43:11!

Travis wasn't feeling it so much, so he raced the first 4K and then kind of just cruised the last bit. He still finished in 28 min, so that was awesome in my eyes....

This week starts my cool running 10K training program. I am planning to train towards a 10K and beyond in preparation for my 1/2 Marathon training that will start in May. I have a few races that I will hopefully be able to squeeze in during this training period as well.

Mostly my training will consist of two days of running, one day of cross training, three days of running, one day off. It is designed to alternate between speed work, moderate, short distance, and long distance. I think it will be a good plan....We will see, and I will just adapt it as needed.

I am still just focusing on yoga and running until school starts and then I will increase my gym time more. Right now I'm still just getting in about two days of lifting a week. The next two weeks I'm working a ton, so it's just how it is for now. I could push myself and wake up super early, but I'm trying not to start all of that until school starts! ha....Trying to enjoy my last weeks of freedom! =)

My freezer is filling up fast, so that is exciting. I shouldn't need to put away too much more. I tried my hand at a homemade salad dressing yesterday and it turned out really nicely, so I think I will start making my own. Saves some money and definitely cuts back on additives and preservatives! Travis bought me some "bread for women's health" last week at the store and I thought to myself, "Now this man is really starting to 'get' me!!" haha.....The bread has kind of a weird consistency, but it's full of nutrients, omega 3's, soy, linseed etc....lots of nuts and grains....It's good for an evening toast. I just thought it was funny how he bought me this "special" bread! Just remembering this week that everything I take in will directly effect my running, my energy level, and every aspect of my life -

"What is good for the body is good for the whole man." ~ Fred Rohe Zen Running


greensandjeans said...

I'm so jealous of this cool race series you guys are doing! I saw your quote today is from Zen Running, have you dabbled in that at all?

Travis and Teniah said...

Just like read his notes, and try to incorporate at least one run during my week that is specifically a feel good "Zen" run....I have never run barefoot or anything like that, though....

foodfitnessfreshair said...

Sounds like you're definitely getting yourself in shape! The race sounds awesome, and I'm jealous of your hot weather! And homemade salad dressings are always the best!