Friday, January 29, 2010

Bad Omen

So....I was making my green smoothie this morning when I left the inversion mixer in the container and it tipped the whole thing over!!! Talk about a nasty mess.....dark green slime everywhere (I had only made it so far in the process to have the greens and banana done so it was definitely "slime"....) Hoping this isn't a sign for how my day will go. I am working 12 hours today (between both jobs) so I need better mojo than this.....Just a note to self - Never take your hand off the mixer!


Travis and Teniah said...

Last night it was revealed what the issue was with the day - It was a brilliant full moon!!! ha....Never fails.

greensandjeans said...

I am always amazed at how a full moon brings out the wacky in everyone!

foodfitnessfreshair said...

I've accidentally turned the blender on when the lid was about green slime everywhere!