Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Found Commitment

So, just wanted to post some of my new goals and commitments:

Definitely decided that while I've made accomplishments in the realm of running, I have done nothing by way of actually losing weight over this past year. While I really don't care that much about the actual weight lost, I do want to get in better hiking shape this summer. (And obviously it's easier to hike if you have less weight to carry around! ha) So......Off to the new training grounds I go.....

For starters my new commitment is to hike with a weight pack at least three nights per weeks. That is in addition to my running program.

Also, adding back my ab work out every other day and continuing my yoga nightly.

Biggest challenges and changes to make for me: NO MORE SUGAR!!!! Giving up chocolate and sweets except for maybe once every two weeks....GOT to cut down - I'm out of control!! Apparently I treat myself daily these days - not cool!!!!

My legs are definitely stronger (unfortunately that also has made them BIGGER so that part sucks)I feel great and I'm proud of where I've come, but now I need to set new goals and move forward!

Long Term Goal: Hike comfortably 5-6 miles with pack by September
Run 4 miles regularly for cardio work out by September
Short Term Goal: Add my ab routine into my weekly workouts and get back down to 29in waist by the end of May.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tok Trot

Pictures will come soon, but I wanted to post real quick about the race and just for a moment take time to say that I DID IT!!! It wasn't fast, it wasn't anything special, but I DID IT!!! =) The bummer was that my shins had been bothering me and my left one started hurting really bad at the 1/2 mile marker - not a good sign!! - I worked through it and the pain from that finally went away around 3 miles then came the foot right foot was hurting so bad (not sure if my shoe was tied too tight or what but my muscles on the top of my foot were NOT happy) I just kept running because I could not bare to let myself down and I refused to walk. I had convinced myself that I could finish without walking and was not about to stop! I was running so slow that at one point a guy who was "power walking" passed me!! YIKES..ha.....It was pretty funny at the time. Anyway, end of story is that I FINISHED and I am so incredibly proud of myself. My 5K time was 39 min which is about what I ran it in Korea (I think in Korea I did a 38:54) and then my 6.2 mile finish was 1:21:02 (My goal was to finish in 1:20 so I was pretty close) I thought was going to puke at the last minute so I think that's why I slowed down! ha.....So far, no vomit so all is well on that front! haha.......Now for a long shower.......Love you girls, thanks for the encouragement!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009


Well, this is it. It's my last official week of training before the 10K next Saturday. I'm very excited about my progress as today I ran 5 miles! (I ran the first 2.5 miles without stopping and then walked and jogged the remaining 2.5.)That's a pretty good idea of what it will be like because I plan to run the first 3.1 miles and then walk/jog the last 3.1 miles.

As I was out running today I was thinking back to where I was just 5 years ago...I stepped on the treadmill for the first time when I was living in Manhattan, KS. It was that day that I ran my first 2 minutes EVER! ha.....While I've had a lot of ups and downs and year long breaks in between I think I'm finally coming to a place where I can actually consider myself a runner. =)Today I ran for 30 minutes! While I'm still at a slow turtle speed, I'm actually enjoying the challenge and feeling great about the accomplishments I've made.

While I could easily compare myself to my many friends, both here in AK and on the web who have been so amazing at loosing weight and are just my heroes in that regard; I have to step back and take a moment to close my mind off to that possibility. The purpose of our blogs and our sharing with one another is not so that we can compare ourselves to one another; but rather that we can encourage one another and spur one another on towards becoming healthier and stronger women. Each of us does that in such a different way. For me it's definitely not through weight loss, but at the same time I'm totally happy with where I'm at because I feel like I have accomplished SOOO much over this past year. I have come a long way and it's been a struggle to get here, and I'm just glad I've made it this far! I feel happy and healthy, and strong. =)

Weight Loss: I guess a few weeks ago it was a "Fake out" because my four pounds only stayed off for like three days. My body seems to keep fluctuating between 144 and 147 lbs. Each day it is something different, so I guess as long as I stay in that range I'm making progress! ha.....

As for the detox and Bromalite. What a rip off - lucky for me I only did the free trial! ha....I have had no adverse reaction to any of it and I feel great, but definitely haven't seen any huge life altering results. No huge weight loss, no "flattening" of my belly! Nada!.....Such is life, at least maybe I have done some good for my colon!? ha

I am still doing my vitamins and stuff and that has made me feel great. Haven't had soda in over a month and am down to coffee only on occasion and not every day. Trying to give chocolate up again too - anyone want to join me on that challenge?! - I've been eating a lot of spinach and tuna and trying to make healthier adjustments all the time.

So, all in all, I'm pretty happy with the progress I've made this month. I do want to get back into my daily yoga. (I confess I've been lapsing to only a few times a week.)

Mantra: I am happy, I am healthy, I am Whole!! Consider yourself in this present moment.