Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Found Commitment

So, just wanted to post some of my new goals and commitments:

Definitely decided that while I've made accomplishments in the realm of running, I have done nothing by way of actually losing weight over this past year. While I really don't care that much about the actual weight lost, I do want to get in better hiking shape this summer. (And obviously it's easier to hike if you have less weight to carry around! ha) So......Off to the new training grounds I go.....

For starters my new commitment is to hike with a weight pack at least three nights per weeks. That is in addition to my running program.

Also, adding back my ab work out every other day and continuing my yoga nightly.

Biggest challenges and changes to make for me: NO MORE SUGAR!!!! Giving up chocolate and sweets except for maybe once every two weeks....GOT to cut down - I'm out of control!! Apparently I treat myself daily these days - not cool!!!!

My legs are definitely stronger (unfortunately that also has made them BIGGER so that part sucks)I feel great and I'm proud of where I've come, but now I need to set new goals and move forward!

Long Term Goal: Hike comfortably 5-6 miles with pack by September
Run 4 miles regularly for cardio work out by September
Short Term Goal: Add my ab routine into my weekly workouts and get back down to 29in waist by the end of May.

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Amber said...

Hey! I am so proud of you. I struggle with the battle of giving up sugar too, and usually I lose :( I think it is great that you are setting such awesome goals for yourself. Keep up the good work!