Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tok Trot

Pictures will come soon, but I wanted to post real quick about the race and just for a moment take time to say that I DID IT!!! It wasn't fast, it wasn't anything special, but I DID IT!!! =) The bummer was that my shins had been bothering me and my left one started hurting really bad at the 1/2 mile marker - not a good sign!! - I worked through it and the pain from that finally went away around 3 miles then came the foot right foot was hurting so bad (not sure if my shoe was tied too tight or what but my muscles on the top of my foot were NOT happy) I just kept running because I could not bare to let myself down and I refused to walk. I had convinced myself that I could finish without walking and was not about to stop! I was running so slow that at one point a guy who was "power walking" passed me!! YIKES..ha.....It was pretty funny at the time. Anyway, end of story is that I FINISHED and I am so incredibly proud of myself. My 5K time was 39 min which is about what I ran it in Korea (I think in Korea I did a 38:54) and then my 6.2 mile finish was 1:21:02 (My goal was to finish in 1:20 so I was pretty close) I thought was going to puke at the last minute so I think that's why I slowed down! ha.....So far, no vomit so all is well on that front! haha.......Now for a long shower.......Love you girls, thanks for the encouragement!!!


Cherry said...

Ha Ha Ha! the "power walker" part cracked me up! But seriously, I can't believe you did the whole race without walking any of it! I'm impressed!

Amber said...

YOU GO GIRL! The time doesn't even matter...the thrill of FINISHING is what you take away. I can only hope that I do as well for my upcoming 5K. You're an inspiration!

mindy said...

You are AWESOME!! That is such a cool accomplishment! I'm so proud of you and everything you've done. I can't wait to see race day pictures! Fantastic job!!