Sunday, September 14, 2008


YEAH...I'm finally starting to see some progress from all of my efforts. This month I lost 1/2 in. all over and that was incredibly exciting for me. Still no "weight" loss, but at least something is happening. I think maybe I'm breaking through.......I'm still working out all the time and doing a lot of resistance training and stuff so I think maybe the progress will gradually continue.

I'm trying really hard to cut down on my calories as well as just eating super healthy. I still haven't found it in my will-power to totally give up sweats, but I think I am doing a little better anyway.....I am giving up all diet soda and now just drinking green tea and water so that's been a good adjustment.

Anyway, I was very excited to finally be seeing some results. I can definitely tell I am toning up and I think by Feb. my dress should look pretty good on! =) Haha......not that it's all that counts, but it would be a huge perk.......=)