Monday, August 25, 2008

New Training Plan

So, this morning I started my new training plan......We finally got moved into the garage since Ed moved all of his stuff out, so now I have my own work-out space (not to mention painting and sewing! yeah!!!)

I am starting to train up for some big hiking adventures and by doing so I will be doing a LOT more uphill treadmill training. Here is my plan for starters.......

Mondays: Run/Power Walk for 30-40 min. + Yoga + Abs

Tuesdays: Weights - Arms/pull day + 40 min. uphill hike (without any backpack for the first few weeks. After moving up to 1 hr hikes I will then decrease my time and add a weighted backpack)

Wednesdays: Slow run 30 min. + Yoga + Abs

Thursdays: Off

Fridays: Weights - Arms/push day + Abs + Yoga

Saturdays: Lower Body work out + 40 min. uphill hike

Sunday: Off

I will try this for a few weeks and then change it up and see what happens.......Mostly over the next year or so I am just trying to increase my stamina for long hikes since we finally made a decision that we are for SURE going to New Zealand for six months next winter. We are planning several big hiking trips and we will be carrying all of our belongings for six months on our backs so I REALLY need to get into hiking shape! haha..........Not focusing so much on running these days, but more on endurance and see how that works out for me........I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Marching On

Just wanted to say that I'm still moving forward a thousandth of a pound at a time! haha....I think I'm close to losing my first pound! haha......Seriously, on a more positive note, I have decided to quit worrying about it and stop working so hard for it. I am just going to work out and eat right and enjoy my life as it is. I'm happy with who I am, I'm content being me, and although I may not ever have a perfect body, I'm totally okay with that. I go through these periods where I'm not okay with it, but then all of a sudden I realize that really I AM content to be what and who I am.....When I remember that again I realize that I just need to relax and enjoy my life......

I know that was sort of just rambling, but anyway, that's where I am right now. I'm still working out every day, but I'm not running quite as much and I'm focusing more on yoga/cardio/weights....I feel better about myself and I do think I'm toning up a bit, but just no real weight loss progress just takes a while and I'm tired of focusing so much on what isn't happening and I think I just need to relax and not worry about it so much.....I don't want to be so obsesive over it so I'm staying focused on working hard to tone up and then the rest will come eventually......

That's where I am....I have been keeping track of all of you too, so I'm really proud of all of your progress!!! Thanks for working hard along with me so that we can support each other a long the way.......