Saturday, August 29, 2009

Starting Over

Hey, girls!! Hope your summers all went well. It seems like everyone has been making amazing progress and I'm so proud of each of you for sticking to your plans and working out and eating right! You go girls!!

As for me, well, I had a very challenging summer. While they had promised us a full on salad bar and fruit and healthy food every day, it turns out that it was just a load of crap to get us to come out there! The food was probably some of the worst food for your body that you could eat being that everything was drenched in heavy cream etc. I did my very best to avoid most of it, but it was hard since there was nothing else to eat! They would serve us old stale food and pretend like it was great. It sucked. Anyway, needless to say that despite my very best efforts I definitely gained weight this summer - about 10 lbs!!! - I'm so sad about that because I thought I had been doing pretty well, only to come home and weigh myself and find out otherwise. How sad!!! I decided that rather than beat up on myself and feel sad and depressed I'm just going to move right on past it and start over again from the beginning.....

So, here's to new beginnings - Cheers -

This summer I did a TON of hiking and walked and ran between 5-10 miles a day. (Yes, apparently that wasn't enough!)Since we are soon to move again I feel a fresh new energy that I will be able to get back in shape in no time. I am devoted to eating totally healthy and giving up all snacks and goodies for a long time. I just want to loose some weight because I know that I have strong muscles underneath it all from all the running and abs etc. that I have been doing.

I got up at 7am nearly every morning and did a half hour ab routine with my friend Hannah and then walked a ton every day too. Plus I was running and hiking and doing yoga. I want to continue being faithful to this sort of routine, but definitely adjusting the type of food I take in. Maybe some of it has to do with hormones or getting older too? I don't know. When I look back on my summer I thought that I had really done well in spite of what we had to work with.....I guess you never really know unless you have a scale to keep track! ha.....

Anyway, that's my latest update - sorry to disappoint, but life is just like that sometimes - I WILL eventually make my goal, it's just a very LONG time in coming...Never give up, and start fresh every day! I love you girls and enjoy hearing about where you are at as well! Any suggestions for me to get this weight off would be much appreciated, but I'm just going to stick with the old fashioned "exercise and eat less" philosophy for now.....Tomorrow is a new day!