Saturday, August 18, 2012

Change Starts Today

Many months ago, I created a mantra which I used for a while that talked about how change starts today....Don't wait until Monday or the beginning of the month to make goals for yourself and make change; Start TODAY!!

These past two months have been full-on for me, and it has been a struggle to maintain any form of routine or plan around my exercise and food intake. Because of this, the mantra is quite fitting. Instead of making a "plan" around when I will run/swim and what my "routine" will be...I just do what feels right TODAY and get on with it.....

I am still running, swimming, and doing yoga, and yes I am still eating healthy. The trouble is that with a busy schedule and shift work, my schedule changes every day. This makes routine and "normality" a bit difficult. I don't cook as much as I normally would, and I think that has lead me to reach for cheese and crackers and other "easy" snacks rather than the good green-smoothies I enjoyed over summer holiday. Fruits and veggies are also much more expensive in the winter months and it's hard to justify the added expense, so I tend to eat more of the cheaper veggies like potatoes, carrots and mushrooms. (No harm in that, but everything in moderation). I have also gotten into a terrible habbit of adding in more sweets. I find that working long, stressful hours causes me to crave sugar. I am commiting TODAY to stop this process. Not waiting until tomorrow - TODAY I begin.....It should not be too hard as I have only been having a little.

On a positive note I have given up coffee. I decided to go "cold-turkey" (unfortunately made the decision to make the change "today" on my first run of night shifts....not really the very best of timing...but hey, when you decide to make change, you cannot always wait for the right time to implement it!!) This was four weeks ago! I am allowing myself one coffee a week, and so far that has worked out quite well. I will cut that back even further, but at the moment that is a good treat for me. (And I only get a tiny one - 6oz) I have, instead been drinking green tea while on shift work.

I have also cut my wine intake way back to only 1-2 glasses a week. Sometimes none at all. (Working night and evening shifts has helped with this new change a lot! haha).

All of these changes have been very positive. Unfortuantely my waistline has not shown any change or improvement - actually I have probably gained weight - but in all truthfulness, I attribute most of that to the stress levels and lack of INTENSE exercise. (And the added sugar/breads that I have been consuming...even in small amounts it still counts). My exercise has definitely taken a more relaxed approach as I want to just stay healthy right now. I don't want to challenge myself or push myself, I just want to maintain a healthy balance. This doesn't help with weight-loss, but it has DEFINITELY helped with keeping me well and giving me the energy I need to maintain my clinical practice and massive study load.

Our hospital had an outbreak of norovirus as well as many staff out sick with the flu. I managed (through good diet, and exercise) to avoid both of these. I solely attribute this to the lifestyle choices that I make and the practice of being in-tune with my body. When I felt worn down, I took some extra vitamins, did yoga and rested. When I felt well enough, I ran.....When I felt I needed some extra energy I ate a nice big omlette with lots of veggies and spinach and had a cuppa.

When coulleages have been out sick for weeks and other students have also missed many days of clinical placement, I am grateful that I maintain a healthy lifestlye which promotes wellness. I may not be the skinniest woman, and I may not have ripped muscles, but honestly, I feel healthy and I feel strong and energised. I am grateful for the choices that I make each day.

You really are what you eat.......Enjoy Eating Healthy!!  This is a really good article that a friend shared recently. Have a read of it if you have any doubts about people who choose a vegetarian lifestyle. I definitely don't feel "deprived" I feel energised and full of life!

Mantra: "Let today be the day you embrace change, and let this present moment be the moment you find peace" ~ Namaste