Friday, May 30, 2008

Sore Butt

Ha....I can SERIOUSLY barely move!!!....So, my "barbie" friend, Cami and I are finally on our evening work out schedule. We are doing this video serious she bought off an infomercial a while back and it is "kick butt"!!! We started on Wednesday night after work with an HOUR of weight lifting and then 20 min of here we are lifting weights/abs and sweating like pigs we are SOOO tired and it's like 9:30 and we have been working all day and haven't even had supper!! We were hard core women! haha.......Anyway, so then yesterday we did the leg series which is also an hour of like fifty-million different was SOOOO hard.......We were really feeling it today!!

It's been nice working out with someone because whatever we do in the evenings is just a bonus added to whatever I did that morning. =)

So far I'm still on track with all my schedule for running. The only day I missed was Sunday because I was still stick. =( Every other day I have done as scheduled.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Calorie Counting

So, here's the scoop with that.....(Thanks for the suggestion though).......When I eat too few calories I really gain weight because my body goes into shock or something and starts storing up.......I did weight watchers before and did really well on it for about six months and then gained it all back. The problem that I have with dieting is that you screw up your metabolism by doing the "yo-yo" thing of losing/gaining.....You can do well on a diet for a while and lose weight and look fabulous and a year later you are at square one because NO diet can last forever......I guess that's just my own personal experience with it. I think I just love food too much to give it up like that!....I did the South Beach diet with the same response (great weight loss that came right back on...) For me the only way to stay healthy and still love my life - haha - is to just eat healthy, watch my portion control, and exercise! So, I do eat healthy and I eat small portions and I try to be good! haha......Where I see my biggest downfalls is definitely with chocolate and snacks here and there. I feel like I've earned it or something! Ha......My biggest problem and when I've gained the most weight is definitely STRESS!!! My cortisol levels just ski-rocket.....Plus when I'm busy and don't take time to exercise that's what gets me too. Being in Alaska did that to me because last summer I was so busy I barely had time to sleep, then this fall when I was so sick is when I really got screwed up because I couldn't exercise like I needed to.....So, for me right now my biggest trial is to limit my treats to once a week. I think for now that seems fair......

I do appreciate the suggestions though because I know that it would definitely help me lose the weight if I did that, it's just that I also know how my body reacts and I know that it would screw me up later on. My goal isn't really to get super skinny, my goal is just to be healthier and feel better about myself. By being dedicated to my exercise and healthy eating I already have a better self-image and feel good about myself this way.

Mindy, I do like the idea of measuring. That is what I used to do to. Maybe I'll start doing that to get a feel for where I am. The other good measuring way is just by how your clothes fit........Mine are still tight which is the downside to wearing scrubs all day! haha. (They are so baggy and cozy that it's hard to remember how you actually fit into your jeans! ha...)

I'll keep thinking of things and let you know how it all goes. For now I'm sticking with my exercising and cutting out the snacks......

For any one who wants to add my blog to theirs, that is totally fine. =) I need to get on here and take the time to update mine too and link all of you guys to mine. I just haven't done it yet.....=) You ladies are all doing such a fabulous job on your various programs and it's encouraging to see your great progress!!!!

My mantra for exercising is: I will do the best I can do for as long as I can do it

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Weigh Ins Suck

Okay, so I've decided to only weigh in once a month now. I feel really good and motivated up until the moment when I step on the scale and realize that everything I've worked so hard for has come to nothing.....SO.......I decided that the real reason I'm running and being healthy really isn't about losing weight and therefore I don't want to be so focused on that.

So, as of the month of May I'm still hovering between 146-147 depending on the day........I'll weigh in at the end of June and see how I'm doing then........I just think this is best for me because then I am able to stay positive and motivated to exercise and run without feeling like it's all for nothing.....

Sunday I didn't run because I was still feeling sick, but yesterday I did 3 miles and today I did my abs and stuff. I'm still trying to hit the 12 mile mark this week so we will see.......

Monday, May 26, 2008

6 random things you may not know about me:

1. I always wanted to be in the circus. I was thinking of either a rope dancer or an "elephant girl"...I do so love elephants!!! Seriously, this is one of my life long dreams.....

2. I don't share food.....need I explain further?

3. I tell everyone everything about me so I guess there aren't many secrets! haha....

4. I sang in a Bluegrass Band for 11 years and recorded two CD's....Not to mention that I played the banjo! ha.....

5. I am allergic to nearly every pain medication so I'm SUPER fun to be around when I'm in pain...haha

6. I have arachnophobia.

And here’s the second tag:

A little bit of me:

On the outside:
Name: Teniah Ashlyn
Current Status: Married
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde…I used to be super blonde, but over the years it's grown to be more of a dark blonde/light brown.

On the inside:
My Fear: Spiders and creepy crawlies.
My Weaknesses: food…chocolate……mmmmmm (me and you both, Mindy.....Food is definitely my weakness.)
My Perfect Pizza: Hawaiian is my favorite, but I also love homemade pizza........

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow:
My thoughts first waking up: "SHUT UP Travis, it's my only day off and if I want to sleep until 8:30 than let me........Then it was, WALTER, SHUT UP!!!!! Because right at that moment he was laying on my back ALSO trying to get me to wake up!"..... I tell you what, these men in my life......
My bedtime: anywhere between 9pm-11pm but then some nights when we have calls we are out all night....
My most missed memory: Definitely the Beach and Disney World! - I'm ready for a vacation!

My pick:
Pepsi or Coke: Diet Coke
Single or group dates: Single
Adidas or Nike: Nike
Tea or Nestea: Tea
Chocolate or Vanilla: chocolate
Cappuccino or Coffee: Coffee…or Latte

Do you:
Have a crush: Travis
Think you’ve been in love: Absolutely and it never ends....
Go to school: No, but I would really love to go to paramedic school someday!
Want to get married: June 2nd will be 6 years! Wow.....
Believe in yourself: Absolutely.
Think you’re a health freak: Yes in some ways.......

In the past:
Gone to the mall: Not in years....
Been on stage: Lots
Eaten sushi: YUM....
Dyed your hair: Lots

What were you doing:
A minute ago: writing this post
An hour ago: Bringing laundry in off the line and bringing in all of my plants from their sun bathing time......
A month ago: EMS, EMS, EMS - it was a busy month last month....
A year ago: We had just moved to Alaska and I was getting the house all ready for Travis to move home from Korea.
Finish the sentences:
I love: Quiet solitude of the woods and mountains; Travis; Family; EMS; Walter
I feel: At peace, but still unsure about the whole job situation at the clinic; Sad that my weekend is over. =(
I miss: Travis' mom, Debbie....But she will be here in three weeks!!!
I need: A haircut!! I look like a Tok bum.......ha

Okay, I really just did this for Mindy, so anyone else who wants to do it, I tag you!

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Well, this week was a really good one for me as far as exercising goes. Still no weight loss to speak of, but I'm still encouraged by my own dedication and commitment and that makes my self-confidence grow......

I did my normal runs at the beginning of the week, then took two days of rest (well, I did a little yoga and abs) and then on Friday I tackled another 5 miler. This time I probably walked a little more of it than last time, but still I ran most of it and I really challenged myself.

Yesterday was Saturday and I had been up since 3am because I went on a call for a 16 yo. OB patient. We ended up medevacing her to Anchorage so it was a long night. (I've been lucky in that the last two OB's I've transported we haven't had to "deliver"! yeah...It's always a little un-nerving thinking about delivering a premature baby on an airplane......) ANYWAY, I was planning to do weights with Cami on Saturday night, but Travis needed my help with gathering wood. (which, by the way is an INCREDIBLE work out! oh my gosh, my whole body was aching...) Turns out that I guess I was overly tired, and dehydrated (not to mention that I had a horrible headache.) Anyway, after three hours of loading and unloading wood I got really sick and threw up! Yikes....Not the best ending to a day.....I was so dizzy and my legs would barely move so I took a shower and went to bed! I feel so much better this morning, but Travis plans to go out for more wood tonight, so I guess we will see......

Following is my schedule for this coming week...I'll let you know how I do:

Sunday - 2 mile run and yoga
Monday - 3 mile run
Tuesday - walk and abs and yoga
Wednesday - 3 mile run
Thursday - 2 mile run and yoga
Friday - walk and abs and yoga
Saturday - 5 mile run

- My goal is to get up to running 12-15 miles a week.

- Also, only one cup of coffee a day and chocolate only once this week.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Let the progress begin.....

Well, I guess it's like this......Mindy started a blog, then Cherry and Kayla, so now I have to join in....I figure if everyone else is open and honest about their progress I should be too! =)

Today started my 12th week of being faithful to my workout program. I have been walking/jogging at least three days a week non-stop for 12 weeks now. I'm very proud of that dedication although I confess that I don't have a lot to show for it. =(

Last year I was pretty sick and couldn't exercise much. Because of this I gained a lot of weight. I was up to 152lbs last fall and then dropped down to 147lbs which is where I started off my work out plan at 12 weeks ago.

At this point after 12 weeks I'm at 146lbs! haha......Seriously, that's no joke......

Yesterday was a breaking point for me because I jogged my farthest in a VERY long time....I went 4.7 miles!!!! Mostly I jogged the whole thing, but walked a little bit too at the beginning and end.......(The sad part is that I un-did everything I had accomplished by going out for pie and coffee with Travis last night! haha.) Today I went about 3 miles of mostly walking since I was pretty sore from yesterday.

Currently my goal is to do 5 miles twice a week and then fill in the other days with shorter 3 mile runs. On the days when I do my 5 miles I will drive to work, but on all other days I'll walk. (That adds another 2 miles to my day's exercise.) I have been walking to work for the past two weeks and this has been working out very well. Also, on the days when I'm doing the shorter distance I will do abs and push-ups. Once my friend Cami gets back next week we will try to fit in some weights and stuff as well.

My goals for myself are basically that I would get back into the shape I was in when I was in Korea. I had met lifetime goals that I never thought possible and then they all just sort of disappeared from me. I WANT THEM BACK!!! My goal by the end of the summer is to be at least down to 135 and then hopefully keep going from there........

I've learned a lot over the past few years and have really learned to love my body for what it is at this present moment. However, I have goals of hiking and stuff that require me to be in shape so that is why I am really focusing on all of this. I need to be in better shape and take more time out for myself. I guess that's the real point - Taking time to care for YOU and taking time to do something that is JUST for YOU.........

Thanks for encouraging me ladies! I think about all three of you every time I'm out there!! I'm loving this support thing that you started, Mindy!!!