Monday, May 26, 2008

6 random things you may not know about me:

1. I always wanted to be in the circus. I was thinking of either a rope dancer or an "elephant girl"...I do so love elephants!!! Seriously, this is one of my life long dreams.....

2. I don't share food.....need I explain further?

3. I tell everyone everything about me so I guess there aren't many secrets! haha....

4. I sang in a Bluegrass Band for 11 years and recorded two CD's....Not to mention that I played the banjo! ha.....

5. I am allergic to nearly every pain medication so I'm SUPER fun to be around when I'm in pain...haha

6. I have arachnophobia.

And here’s the second tag:

A little bit of me:

On the outside:
Name: Teniah Ashlyn
Current Status: Married
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde…I used to be super blonde, but over the years it's grown to be more of a dark blonde/light brown.

On the inside:
My Fear: Spiders and creepy crawlies.
My Weaknesses: food…chocolate……mmmmmm (me and you both, Mindy.....Food is definitely my weakness.)
My Perfect Pizza: Hawaiian is my favorite, but I also love homemade pizza........

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow:
My thoughts first waking up: "SHUT UP Travis, it's my only day off and if I want to sleep until 8:30 than let me........Then it was, WALTER, SHUT UP!!!!! Because right at that moment he was laying on my back ALSO trying to get me to wake up!"..... I tell you what, these men in my life......
My bedtime: anywhere between 9pm-11pm but then some nights when we have calls we are out all night....
My most missed memory: Definitely the Beach and Disney World! - I'm ready for a vacation!

My pick:
Pepsi or Coke: Diet Coke
Single or group dates: Single
Adidas or Nike: Nike
Tea or Nestea: Tea
Chocolate or Vanilla: chocolate
Cappuccino or Coffee: Coffee…or Latte

Do you:
Have a crush: Travis
Think you’ve been in love: Absolutely and it never ends....
Go to school: No, but I would really love to go to paramedic school someday!
Want to get married: June 2nd will be 6 years! Wow.....
Believe in yourself: Absolutely.
Think you’re a health freak: Yes in some ways.......

In the past:
Gone to the mall: Not in years....
Been on stage: Lots
Eaten sushi: YUM....
Dyed your hair: Lots

What were you doing:
A minute ago: writing this post
An hour ago: Bringing laundry in off the line and bringing in all of my plants from their sun bathing time......
A month ago: EMS, EMS, EMS - it was a busy month last month....
A year ago: We had just moved to Alaska and I was getting the house all ready for Travis to move home from Korea.
Finish the sentences:
I love: Quiet solitude of the woods and mountains; Travis; Family; EMS; Walter
I feel: At peace, but still unsure about the whole job situation at the clinic; Sad that my weekend is over. =(
I miss: Travis' mom, Debbie....But she will be here in three weeks!!!
I need: A haircut!! I look like a Tok bum.......ha

Okay, I really just did this for Mindy, so anyone else who wants to do it, I tag you!

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