Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Calorie Counting

So, here's the scoop with that.....(Thanks for the suggestion though).......When I eat too few calories I really gain weight because my body goes into shock or something and starts storing up.......I did weight watchers before and did really well on it for about six months and then gained it all back. The problem that I have with dieting is that you screw up your metabolism by doing the "yo-yo" thing of losing/gaining.....You can do well on a diet for a while and lose weight and look fabulous and a year later you are at square one because NO diet can last forever......I guess that's just my own personal experience with it. I think I just love food too much to give it up like that!....I did the South Beach diet with the same response (great weight loss that came right back on...) For me the only way to stay healthy and still love my life - haha - is to just eat healthy, watch my portion control, and exercise! So, I do eat healthy and I eat small portions and I try to be good! haha......Where I see my biggest downfalls is definitely with chocolate and snacks here and there. I feel like I've earned it or something! Ha......My biggest problem and when I've gained the most weight is definitely STRESS!!! My cortisol levels just ski-rocket.....Plus when I'm busy and don't take time to exercise that's what gets me too. Being in Alaska did that to me because last summer I was so busy I barely had time to sleep, then this fall when I was so sick is when I really got screwed up because I couldn't exercise like I needed to.....So, for me right now my biggest trial is to limit my treats to once a week. I think for now that seems fair......

I do appreciate the suggestions though because I know that it would definitely help me lose the weight if I did that, it's just that I also know how my body reacts and I know that it would screw me up later on. My goal isn't really to get super skinny, my goal is just to be healthier and feel better about myself. By being dedicated to my exercise and healthy eating I already have a better self-image and feel good about myself this way.

Mindy, I do like the idea of measuring. That is what I used to do to. Maybe I'll start doing that to get a feel for where I am. The other good measuring way is just by how your clothes fit........Mine are still tight which is the downside to wearing scrubs all day! haha. (They are so baggy and cozy that it's hard to remember how you actually fit into your jeans! ha...)

I'll keep thinking of things and let you know how it all goes. For now I'm sticking with my exercising and cutting out the snacks......

For any one who wants to add my blog to theirs, that is totally fine. =) I need to get on here and take the time to update mine too and link all of you guys to mine. I just haven't done it yet.....=) You ladies are all doing such a fabulous job on your various programs and it's encouraging to see your great progress!!!!

My mantra for exercising is: I will do the best I can do for as long as I can do it


Kayla said...

I have problems with portion control. If I would sit down and eat slow I probably would eat half as much...but I'm always rush rush rush! I'm having a really hard time getting rid of the sweets. I want cookies and ice cream.

Barb said...

Kayla, I hear you. I love ice cream!

I don't know how long you've been in AK but I had such a hard time with weight,etc. the first year and a half I lived there. I moved up in August and it was GORGEOUS but the light quickly faded and winter descended. I just couldn't stop myself from nibbling all the time and scarfing the bad for you empty carbs like nobody's business. It doesn't help that produce is so expensive. I gained 25 pounds. YIKES!

It took me the whole next summer and into the winter to find an equilibrium. Same thing with a couple of my friends. I found that dried fruit (no sugar), edemame, salmon jerky and green tea were good Alaska snacks for me. Portable and yummy.

Enjoy your runs. Alaska is still my favorite place to run. CLEAN AIR is amazing!