Sunday, May 25, 2008


Well, this week was a really good one for me as far as exercising goes. Still no weight loss to speak of, but I'm still encouraged by my own dedication and commitment and that makes my self-confidence grow......

I did my normal runs at the beginning of the week, then took two days of rest (well, I did a little yoga and abs) and then on Friday I tackled another 5 miler. This time I probably walked a little more of it than last time, but still I ran most of it and I really challenged myself.

Yesterday was Saturday and I had been up since 3am because I went on a call for a 16 yo. OB patient. We ended up medevacing her to Anchorage so it was a long night. (I've been lucky in that the last two OB's I've transported we haven't had to "deliver"! yeah...It's always a little un-nerving thinking about delivering a premature baby on an airplane......) ANYWAY, I was planning to do weights with Cami on Saturday night, but Travis needed my help with gathering wood. (which, by the way is an INCREDIBLE work out! oh my gosh, my whole body was aching...) Turns out that I guess I was overly tired, and dehydrated (not to mention that I had a horrible headache.) Anyway, after three hours of loading and unloading wood I got really sick and threw up! Yikes....Not the best ending to a day.....I was so dizzy and my legs would barely move so I took a shower and went to bed! I feel so much better this morning, but Travis plans to go out for more wood tonight, so I guess we will see......

Following is my schedule for this coming week...I'll let you know how I do:

Sunday - 2 mile run and yoga
Monday - 3 mile run
Tuesday - walk and abs and yoga
Wednesday - 3 mile run
Thursday - 2 mile run and yoga
Friday - walk and abs and yoga
Saturday - 5 mile run

- My goal is to get up to running 12-15 miles a week.

- Also, only one cup of coffee a day and chocolate only once this week.


Cherry said...

Wow! I'm empressed! I am not a runner and would sooner die than attemt a 5 mile run! How about a 5 mile walk? I could do that!

mindy said...

You are amazing! I bet you have a rock hard body ready for that bikini already! You go girl!