Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bring On Third Year

Well, this week is the official start to my third - and final - year of University. I will (Lord willing) graduate in 9 short months and get my practicing certificate as a Registered Nurse!

For me, these next 9 months will be much like being pregnant. There will be LOTS of growing pains, nausea, stress, anxiety, excitement, name it...We will consider the state finals my "labour" and the practicing certificate my "baby". While some people really enjoy being pregnant, others suffer through day by day just to glory in the final result.

I draw this comparison because nearly every one of my friends has recently (or is presently) going through their own REAL pregnancies. I can only relate on this level....haha

So, yes, school starts this week. I am looking forward to getting back at it - but to be honest I have been doing a bit of research and study these past three weeks as well in preparation - turns out I may be a bit of a nerd!

My running is going well - up to 10K now, so getting much closer - I am still training for my half-marathon, but have been working nights the past two weeks which has thrown a bit of a curve ball to my schedule. I am being flexible and recognising that all is not lost. Tuesday night is the Super 7 Series that the Manawatu Striders put on each year, so I'm excited to participate in that. This will be my first race in well over a year. (7K race)

The sugar detox went really well. I definitely feel much healthier and better. I have also been making some significant changes to my diet incorporating more grains and legumes into my daily diet. I was getting into a bit of a fix just eating salad and green smoothies and realised that I had unintentionally reduced my intake of protein and grains. I decided to give my diet a bit of an overhaul and change things up a bit. I have been trying some great new vegetarian recipes lately as well, and really enjoying the change.

Have you made any significant changes to your lifestlye in 2012?

Change starts today!