Thursday, January 28, 2010

Keeping on Track

So, since we are close to finishing up the first month in 2010, I thought it appropriate to re-evaluate my New Year's Resolutions and see if I am staying on track.

Things have been really busy around here and will continue to be until I start school. (Then I suppose it will turn into a whole different kind of busy!) I have been working extra shifts, getting my first aid qualifications finished, getting all my medical info in line for school etc. etc.

The challenge has been to continue my exercise routines in the midst of all my chaotic scheduling and trying to spend time with Travis. (He will leave in about 8 weeks so we are trying to enjoy the time while we have it!) I will say that my time at the gym has drastically dropped. I'm only going in to lift about two (maybe three) days a week now. I find it hard considering that I walk to the gym so it's at least an hour and most of the time lately I don't have an hour to run, an hour for yoga, and a hour for the gym....I'm hoping that once school starts this will be easier because I will already be on campus. (My plan is to lift over my lunch break, but we will see how that turns out.)

While I have slacked on my weight lifting, I have been continuously faithful to my yoga practice and my running. My distance run is now up to 6 miles and we have faithfully been running the 7K races every Tuesday (Which, last week I set a PR for coming in at 43:22!!)

On the weight-loss spectrum, I'm down to 138 so only 6 lbs left to go!! Good thing since I only have four weeks left before my challenge ends. Not sure if I will make it all the way, but I'm still trying....

And lastly, my other goal was to cut down on processed bread and jam etc. (since that is like the last thing in my diet that isn't "whole food".) I have swapped for a more healthier/nutty bread with no preservatives (which none of the bread in NZ has anyway) that's about as close as I'm going to get. I only eat it on occasion as a toast at night. I decided that a little jam can be my one vice and I will accept that. I just haven't found a decent substitute yet.

Pretty much my diet consists of a really big breakfast (oatmeal with flaxseed and wheat germ) and a green smoothie (frozen fruits, soy milk, spinach, barley grass, spirulina). I don't get a lunch break until around 2 or 2:30 so that's why I eat such a big breakfast...Lunch is usually something decently filling like a big salad or left over lentil soup/stir fry etc. Afternoon tea I usually have some raisins and seeds (pumpkin/sunflower) and then dinner I usually have a very small portion of whatever I cook because I eat after my evening run and I'm not usually that hungry. Then around 9 I have a piece of toast, or the past two nights Travis and I have been splitting a bag of pop corn....That's pretty much my "usual". I have converted everything to fresh/whole foods and grains and the only thing in our whole house that is pre-made or bottled is the little bit of hoisin sauce used for stir fries and perhaps jelly. We never eat out, so pretty much I would say we have been detoxed of all the preservatives and stuff that we used to eat. I definitely want to continue in that because I cannot begin to say how much better I feel...It's amazing the effect that food has on our bodies/moods/health etc....

So, that's my update after the first month of 2010...How are your resolutions going? What changes do you need to make to get back on track? It's easy after the first month to just loose your focus. Sit down and really evaluate where you are at and decide what changes you need to make to get yourself back on track, or simply to re-commit yourself if you are still on track!!! Share your progress with your friends, start a blog, or start a personal journal. Throw your thoughts out there and see what comes of it! =)

"The strength I feel inside me is enough to sustain me during any experience I have today" ~ Namaste


ladymundie said...

Great goals. I hope you can fulfill them all, but if you can't, be happy with the small victories as they come!! It will give you motivation to continue!!

beekeats said...

I'm trying to find a schedule that will work easily for me with working out and my eating habits with school. From being in high school with a typical schedule to a firm work schedule to nothing really at home, and now to a FULL schedule of school- I'm finally at a point where I actually have to find TIME to work out- so that is my struggle/goal right now. Finding my groove while at school.

Sounds like your resolutions are coming along though! No one has time for an hour of this, and an hour of that every single day!