Monday, January 4, 2010


So, I just wanted to share that the gym opened again today after the holiday break and I got to weigh in - roughly 142lbs (64.5kg) - I am so excited!!! I am really starting to feel a huge difference. I am down to the very last 10lbs and my goal was to hit the mark by the start of school...That leaves me 7 more weeks since I am half way through my 14 week challenge! Definitely doable!!! Yeah for progress!!!

"The pictures you hold in your mind form the reality of your existence." ~ Namaste


mindy said...

I must have missed this post earlier, but just saw it as I was scrolling down. YAY!!!! How excited to be so close to your goal! YEEHAWWW! =)

Travis and Teniah said...

Thanks, Mindy! It is really exciting. I definitely think I will be in prime health when I start school and that makes me feel "ready"!! I cannot even stress how different my body feels as a result of eating this way and exercising....awesome how nature can just heal itself and bring life and vitality! - Thanks for the comment.