Tuesday, February 9, 2010

5th Week of Super Seven Series

I cannot believe that we only have two weeks left for our 7K series. It will be so sad when it's over. It has been such a fabulous event thanks to the Manawatu Striders. They posted some photos on their website, and hopefully no one will mind that I borrowed them to post on mine. Since we walk to the race every week I haven't been able to bring a camera with me.
This week I ran another PR of 42:46 and Travis finished 8th this week with a PR of 28:18!! It was a little drizzly and cool, so it was perfect running weather. The race is definitely starting to feel more comfortable, so that's awesome. I can tell a huge difference in my running training just in the past five weeks. It's definitely a wonderful way to train!
Travis has been so excited about the sausage sizzle - He looks forward to this every week!
This is my favorite way to end my race - Yum bananas and a big cup of water!! (Don't know how in the world all those people stomach sausages after a run!!)

So, that's the latest on my 7K series. I'm still hovering around 62.5 kg so I don't think I will make it down to my goal weight by the start of school, but I am around my goal measurements so that is really what I was after. (I just didn't want to buy a bigger uniform and then have to wear that for three years. I think I will do fine to get a smaller size now.)

It's hard finding balance because I'm trying to eat so healthy and lose weight, and Travis is trying to gain weight. (He decided yesterday that it's my fault he isn't gaining weight because he isn't "eating normal"!! haha.....This cracked me up - I'm like, "Dude, I cannot force-feed you. If you choose not to eat enough throughout the day that really isn't my deal!" I think he is going to take me up on my suggestion and go to the butcher today and get some choice meats. (I always tell him I will cook him whatever he wants, so I think he is going to try eating more meats and stuff and see if he can gain some weight that way.) I wish this was my problem! haha....

My freezer is really filling up now, and I am so ready for school to start. I will be walking a lot more once class starts so that will be helpful with my training as well. If I have time in my schedule I am thinking of signing up for a 10K in April. It's an off road forest run, and it sounds really fun, so we will see.....

"Focus on mindfulness and tranquility in this present moment, no matter what the day brings." ~ Namaste

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greensandjeans said...

Such a cool series! Those Kiwis sure know what they are doing!