Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thinking about going green?

I read a post this morning from another blogger friend, Running Green, and it got me thinking about all of my friends out there who are into outdoor sports/running/healthy living etc...who might not be aware of the hazards of a) continuously using bottled water b) using plastic water bottles as an alternative.

Travis came across this warning a few months back regarding polycarbonate plastics and we ditched our HUGE collection of Nalgene bottles and moved to a safer option. We have always been very big into using water bottles in place of bottled water, not only for the environment, but also because I drink heaps of water everyday and I would have to drink probably 5-8 bottles worth! (Can you imagine how much plastic waste that would incur just from me alone!? Think about that....) Not to even mention the cost of all that bottled water.

So...the alternative that Travis found was Klean Kanteen. We made a huge investment (these are not cheap) and purchased these fabulous, stainless steel bottles. We went for the 40oz ones which are perfect for tramping and still a nice size to carry to work/school or wherever. We have been extremely happy with our canteens and would highly recommend the change to anyone reading this.

I know this was kind of a random post, but Vern got me thinking that I should share our experience about this topic as well...Thanks, Vern, for reminding us all to live a little greener! =)

"Today, I choose to give back to the universe and hope for peace and unity for all people." ~ Namaste


Vern said...

Thanks for the nice reference, Teniah! It always feels good to plant a seed and spur additional thought and discussion. Kudos to you and Travis for living and suppporting Earth-friendly ways!

Anonymous said...

This was very frustrating for me at one point in my life because I too guzzle a lot of water. I made the switch from throw away plastic bottles to buying a couple nalgenes...then literally a couple weeks I talked to some reps for Klean Kanteen and they told me about all the negatives in the plastic in then I dropped another 30 dollars or so to buy a Klean Kanteen. So, I've wasted some money over the past year settling on a water bottle, but I'm definitely really happy with the current one.

Travis and Teniah said...

I hear you...I think we dropped almost $100 on water bottles - CRAZY - but totally necessary and worth every penny in the long-term.