Sunday, January 4, 2009

Very Exciting

So, I got a massage yesterday and my therapist says, "wow, your arms are really toned up!" Then she said that my legs were really toning up too and that she could tell a difference all over!!! She said that the yoga must really be working well for me because my back felt unbelievable to her!! She said that the tension was NOTHING like it usually is and that she could seriously not believe the difference in the way my energy flowed! haha.......(I have really bad tension spots in my back and neck from injuries etc....) I was very excited by this because that is what I had been feeling myself, but having someone totally on the outside saying the same things was huge for me! She said she was actually motivated to start doing yoga herself just because of the difference she felt in my back! =)

I share this simply because it's the first real "difference" that I've had anyone notice and it also goes to support the flow of energy from yoga and the difference it can make in the way you feel! I love it!!!

Oh, and I'm changing my 2009 Challenge to this: Only treating myself to one sweet per week! (The Chocolate thing was great and everything, but since I've been limiting my chocolate it just means that I've been substituting anything and everything resembling a sweet or dessert! haha....Somethings gotta give and I think I need to take the challenge one step further!)

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