Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I just wanted to share this motivational thought. It was part of a "focus" for a yoga session. The focus being on acceptance of your own personal body and appreciation for what it does for you and for it's uniqueness. I just found it very encouraging and beautiful, so thought I would share it with you all.

" This is an invitation to love and accept your body, knowing that radiant good health and beauty will transcend your body type. When this inner beauty shines through, it can surpass that of people with a supposedly ideal body shape, but who have not accessed their own inner shine, their glow of health. It is also an invitation to honor diversity, to celebrate your uniqueness and that of others. So why not permit yourself to live in the glow of your health and well-being? "

Love and appreciate yourself for who you are right now, in the present moment........

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mindy said...

You are doing so so so awesome!! You are truly an inspiration! You have remained so positive and consistent. You rock girl!! You have definitely helped me be more motivated to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle. Did I mention that you rock! Hahaha! =)

I had to smile at your bridesmaid dress predicament - though it is a bummer it doesn't fit, it's so awesome that it's too big!! Will it be fairly easy to alter? I can't wait to see pictures of you in it! Yay!

Thank you so much for your exercise suggestion. That does sound like a workable plan - especially since it wouldn't require me to jump up and down and such right next to the crib.=) I do have a Pilates workout that anything like Yoga?

Love ya!