Tuesday, June 3, 2008


So, following is my shameful measurements that I will be comparing to and hopefully will see dropping back into decent range..haha.......

06-02-2008,09-20-2005,07-21-2006,12-07-2006, 10-03-2007
Rt. Thy - 25, 23 1/2, 23, 23, 24
L. Thy - 25, 23 1/2, 23, 23, 24
Rt. Arm - 13,11 1/2, 12, 12, 12 1/2
L. Arm - 13, 12, 12, 12, 12 1/2
Waist - 32, 30, 30, 29, 31 1/2
Hips - 43, 41, 41, 40, 43
High on hips - 38, 33 1/2, 33, 32 1/2, 38

Above was just a few other measurements from years past that kind of put things into perspective.......My goal for this month is to just maybe lose about 1/2 inch. all over......that would be nice.

I got a pedometer yesterday (as inspired by Cherry)....it's pretty cool, but only really marks steps if you are walking continuously. It doesn't count all the little steps when you are just walking around the house or whatever....I have it on today, but won't really start "logging" the progress until tomorrow since I already walked a bit this morning without it on........

I did my 3 miles yesterday and then last night Cami, Marlaina and I did an hour of weights/tricepts....Mostly it was all push-ups and we about died and worked out so hard that our arms were collapsing...haha

This morning I walked over to Cami's at 6am (this is a HUGE thing for me because I am NOT a morning person.) and we did 1 hr 20 min. of power yoga.....it was killer, but really good.....I'm walking to work.......

It feels so good to be working so hard and I know that one of these days it will pay off - it's just a long time in coming...haha.....

Having all of you ladies out there just really motivates me and I feel so much like you know, that I'm not alone!!! I thank you for that because I do so much better when I feel like there are others struggling with me! haha.....(Isn't that awful that I like having company in my misery!? haha........)


Cherry said...

Nope, I love company when I'm miserable, but not if the company is happy. Gotta have someone to sympathize with you.

This week I had someone who had read my weight loss blog tell me that I was crazy for try to loose weight and get better in shape. She basically told me I should stop. She made me really mad at first and then just added to my determination to keep going. Personally I think she's jealous that I'm getting my life back in order and working to better myself. Her problem not mine!

Barb said...

Teniah, are you the energizer bunny in disguise?

You are so AWESOME! Power Yoga, walking, push-ups, running. You are seriously motivating me to get a groove on tonight. THANKS!

On the misery loves company thing I prefer to think of it as Hardwork loves company. A lot of times with weight and fitness I feel like to comes to "naturally" to people and can feel like such a struggle to me. Having folks to share the experience with reminds me that it is hard work for everyone, there's highs and lows and it's a lifestyle not just hitting a magic weight. That's why I'm appreciating you all so much!