Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Easy Weight Loss? No such thing.....

So, I had to laugh at your comments Ladies! haha.....For some maybe weight loss is easy, but for most of us it is a HORRIBLE struggle! haha......I can seriously BARELY move right now my arms hurt THAT bad...haha......

These blogs have encouraged me so much and just motivated me to keep going and I think that's really what is going to make the difference in the end. I LOVE just knowing that you ladies are all out there feeling a lot of the same things and desiring the same things as well. I typed up all of your names and put them by my desk at work so whenever I feel like eating something I shouldn't (or whenever I'm sore) I just think about all of you out there doing the same thing and it motivates me to do what's right!!

I got up at 6am again today to work out with Cami. We both decided on the days when we could make it work to get up early it was way better than trying to have the energy for it at 9pm! haha.....Today we just walked/ran a little for about 3 miles and then did abs. My arms are so sore from Monday's triceps day that I could barely even turn the steering wheel on my truck last night! haha.....Definitely NOT feeling like an energizer bunny today! ha!!! (Actually I have felt sooooo much better these past few weeks now that I'm really in a good routine....lots more energy when you exercise!)

Having my pedometer is also really motivating so that's awesome! Thanks, Cherry, for the motivation to get one! Sorry about your "negative" friend - she needs to get a life........ignorance would be the only reason for making a comment like that because anyone in their right mind knows that it's GOOD AND HEALTHY to exercise and desire to be in shape - she sucks........=)

Keep up the good works ladies!!! Mindy - get yourself healthy and well! I'm praying for you!

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