Sunday, December 6, 2009

Week 3 of 14

The challenge continues - This week my real struggle was my silly hip that keeps bothering me. My right hip seems to be fighting against my desire to improve and increase my running distance. I believe this pain is from over training, and therefore this week I took a break from running and did the stationary bike every day instead. My hip seems to be healing from that, but still is weak.

My focus this whole week has been on strengthening exercises for all the muscles which support my hip. I have incorporated this into my daily yoga practice as well as my work outs. Hopefully it will make a difference.

Yesterday we did a 7 hour tramp up a steep mountain. (It was up hill most of the way with an occasional area of slight incline.) I was really worried about overdoing it on my hip so I tried really hard not to put too much pressure on it. I think by this focus I was able to accomplish that because my hip is feeling fine today. - Although as a consequence my knees are sore! I guess you just can't win until your body's muscles are ready to handle what you give them...

I feel great and felt like this past week was a good one despite my setbacks. This week I am continuing with my focus on healing and strengthening for my hip, but I will also try gradually bringing running back into the picture. (I still REALLY want to make a 5 miler by the end of December, and I'm getting so much closer!)

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