Friday, December 18, 2009

See It Done

I read this great book recently - which I have mentioned before...The 5 Rules of Thought - In that book it says that once you have set a goal for yourself you should spend some time each day meditating on the end result of that goal in order for it to become a reality. You should, in all ways, "See It Done".

In my mind I have a picture of the healthy body that I want to have and of myself running races and crossing the finish line. Every day I spend time meditating on this image and seeing the inside of my body healthy and whole. I think about this as I walk into the gym, as I warm up and get ready for my run etc.....

Secondly he also talks about once you have that goal in your mind and are meditating on it then you must do everything in your power to see it become a reality. It will not just happen on it's own. You must put forth the effort to see it completed. Taking that into consideration I have increased my mileage every week and the intensity at which I work out. I have been faithful to eating healthy and de-stressing every day.

As a result the weight is finally starting to drop off. I'm confident that it's a combination of everything, but either way I am very excited that I may actually stand a chance of meeting my goals to get back to the "healthy me" that I was at one time. This week I hit 145lbs and since October I have lost 14.5 inches in combination! I am overwhelmed by how strong my body feels and how great I feel in general. I don't have the headaches that I used to, and my other health problems have not been bothering me at all!

Just wanted to share that as I come upon the end of the year I'm excited that my goals are close at hand. I still have 13 lbs that I would like to lose between now and February, and I definitely have big goals for my running in 2010. But I must say that it is encouraging to finally start seeing results.

Set a goal, then "See It Done"!!! ~ Namaste

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