Sunday, October 18, 2009

Week Two

It's been another great week on Body for Life and I am feeling so healthy and strong. I love eating healthy like this without all the processed foods and sugars, it just makes me feel lighter.

I ran really well this week and felt like I am finally past the "struggling" phase of my running. I am dedicated to keeping it strong and being faithful to my running so as not to have to go through the starting point again!! I am hoping that my health will hold out this time and allow me to keep with it.

Being back and in the gym is amazing and I totally love it. My only concern is that if I cannot stay in the gym I won't be able to stick to such a strict lifting program. Right now I'm doing a lot of weight lifting and I want to stay faithful to that, so my hope is that things will continue in this way...we will see.

This week I only lost one pound, but that's good considering that I'm probably putting weight on from lifting. I feel stronger and leaner, but the scale doesn't show that much difference.

It's really all about staying faithful to a healthy lifestyle and right now I'm meeting that goal so I'm happy.

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mindy said...

Hey girl!! I'm way behind on all my blog reading, but I just had to write a quick comment to let you know I’m coming back later today to read all your new posts! =) I’m so excited to get back on here and start blogging again too.

I'm starting my new workout routine tonight...I've had a terrible time staying on any sort of healthy living routine this summer...but I'm restarting tonight. I'm really pumped to get back on a healthy living journey.

You are doing SO amazing! Keep up the fantastic work!

Love you!