Sunday, October 11, 2009

Week One

So, my first official week of following a strict exercise program - Body for Life - is finished! (I say that assuming that you know I have been working out for a year so far, this is just a NEW program that I am one week into! And while I mentioned the start of a 12 week program two weeks ago, I didn't actually get to stick with that because we spent a week hiking and stuff....So, I started it over this week and I am now calling THIS week my official start!)

I had a really wonderful week of running/lifting/yoga/and other cardio activities. It was wonderful being back at the gym and I am totally loving that! I don't think I can ever move to a place without a gym again. I just love all the variety of equipment and chances to change things up....besides all that, I LOVE the sauna!!! I also found these really cool logs that you can download from Body for Life and I have faithfully been writing in them all week. One is for keeping track of all of your work outs and what you lift and what intensity you ran at or whatever. The other one is a food log where you journal everything that you eat/drink and then you can get a better feel for how balanced your diet is.

I am now down to 156 which is pretty much back to square one - HOWEVER, my muscle content has grown tremendously over the past year and I think that accounts for a lot of it because my actual measurements are not far off from where I need to be. My goal is still to get down to 132, but it's a long time in coming and I'm okay with that. I am really happy with where I'm at in my life right now and I know that I am being faithful to myself and to my health by setting these goals.

It feels so good to have goals and to be faithful to my plan. I have still done really well with no sweets and chocolate. Lately we have been on a kick of making apple crisp at night, but it's just baked apples with oatmeal and nuts and spices - I don't add any sugar or butter or anything, so it's pretty healthy but gives the flavor of something sweet. I feel great and know that this is definitely a better way of life for me.

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