Monday, March 23, 2009


Well, I'm not entirely sure where the progress has come from, but this has been a really great week for me. I am four pounds down weighing in at 144 this morning, and I have managed to run 20 minutes straight twice this week!! (That's huge for me because my max has been 15 min...)

So, it seems that the detox is going really well, although I don't really see how taking a few vitamins and swishing around oil in your mouth for 20 minutes can really make such a big difference. I guess it just seems so simple...It would appear, however, that these few adjustments are exactly what my body needed. I feel great and really have been able to tell a difference in my body. I do have a few days here and there that I have these odd aches and pains and stuff, but I was told that it is all a part of the detox process so you just have to press on and keep being faithful to your program. I am hoping my Bromalite comes in this week because I want to give that a try too.

Mantra for the week: Be faithful to who you are at all times.

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mindy said...

Rock on!!! That is awesome! Keep us updated on this process. Your body must have been in sore need of some vitamins! Do you feel more energetic? I'm so excited for your progress! YAY!