Sunday, March 8, 2009

15 Degrees is Too Darn Cold...

While common sense should tell ANYONE that running outside when it's 15 Degrees isn't a great idea, it seemed innocent at the time. The sun was shinning and Travis was headed out to run. Since I managed to do okay yesterday with minimal soreness it was so beautiful that I said, "You know, I think I'm gonna go for a run too."

Off I go and once again did really well for the first mile or so (Not sure the exact distance, but Travis said it's a little over a mile to the Alaskan Highway - with round trip being somewhere around 2.1 miles.) Here's the shins and quads were sore from yesterday so I slowed down to a walk for a few minutes and then realized that it wasn't a good idea because with the sweating I had done I was now freezing! =) So, despite my discomfort I began to run again. The wind was picking up and really blowing hard (Yes, weather changes around here within minutes.) As I turned down the road to run the last quarter mile or so the wind was REALLY kicking up and I was freezing my butt off. I felt like I was running for my life! haha...Travis would definitely get a kick out of this if he were to read it (Which is why I don't let him read this blog! haha) He runs when it's 30 below and snow and ice are building on his lashes - NOT ME!!!

Anyway, I did manage to make it safely home and now am very content to be in the warmth of my cabin. =) I write this to say one real observation.....Like many things in life, sunshine can be deceptive!!!

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