Sunday, July 6, 2008


Well, thanks for all of your encouragement. Although I still haven't made any real progress my muscles are starting to feel a lot more "toned" so I count that as a huge up-lifter!

I did end up getting my thyroid tested last week and the results were totally normal so the only real reason for not loosing weight is simply that my body is resisting it, I guess....bummer....

I'm still just working really hard every single day and hoping that one of these days soon it will start to pay off. I'm running and walking further than before and now I'm also doing more of the P90X workout videos too. (they are HARD!!)

Anyway, I wanted to post an update for those of you who were concerned for my thyroid. (It's sad to say that I was secretly hoping that was the problem...I guess I should be really glad that it's NOT a problem, but anyway.....)

I'll keep you posted as I progress through yet another week!!......Today starts week #18 on my long and drawn out saga of a weight-loss program....=)

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Barb said...

Hey Girl.

I'm glad your thyroid is OK. I'm sorry to hear that you're a bit blue with the weight loss program.

It's awesome that you can feel the tone! That shows real progress. My husband would say that muscle weighs more than fat so that might have something to do with the slow moving scales. Try to keep focusing on how you feel. If you feel better then you are making progress towards your goals. For all the super groovy workouts you are doing, you must be getting in some pretty good shape. Try to keep positive even though it's slow going. You'll be around that bend any day now.