Monday, July 21, 2008

It's Been a While....

Sorry it's been so long since I posted....seems like things are always keeping me busy and never really any time to blog - I know that most of you are also feeling that same way, so I know you understand!

Weight-loss progress is still nothing, but I'm trying new things and still working hard towards my goals......

I was discouraged that I lost so much of my running ground when I took off for a week to take care of Michael. I really fell back to like square one. I am bummed.....I have just decided not to push myself so hard and to just be proud of what I am RIGHT NOW and just be okay with that.

I'm still just watching what I eat and trying to eat healthy while working out as much as I possibly can manage. Mostly I just struggle with the energy thing (Having a damp and cloudy summer has totally sucked because of the lack of sunshine we get in AK.....summer is like our ONLY time to get sun, so it sucks that it's been like non-existent this just makes you so tired and sleepy....)

Anyway, just wanted to update that I'm still here and still working along with all of you other ladies to be a healthier and stronger me!!!! Love you guys!!!

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Kayla said...

I completely understand about having to go back to square one. It seems like I do good for a week and then I start all the way back over. You're right, I'm just going to be happy with NOW. Take it one day at a time!

I'm going to be in Ontario in August...that's where I'm going for my vacation. Woohoo!