Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Life is Good

As earlier I compared my third year of nursing school to 9 months of pregnancy...It would be fair to say that I have passed over the 'morning sickness' phase and have moved into the more enjoyable months of pregnancy.

I am now over three months in, and finishing off my last two days of the first major placements. It has been an amazing experience, but I am definitely exhausted and looking forward to a two week break (oops, I mean, study leave!)

Last weekend I took a break from the books and Travis and I went tramping up Mt. Taranaki. It was a huge accomplishment physically and was a great chance to be reminded of how amazing our bodies are - when being challeneged and pushed to the limit, they step up and meet that challenge! I have never been pushed so hard physically and it was a real rush to hit the summit.

My running and weight lifting is still going well, but I definitely need to re-evaluate my eating habits as they have kind of gotten all messed up with shift work and all. Over Easter holiday I am hoping to really get back on track with my healthy eating and I am actually going to start experimenting a little with adding in some fish and lamb to my diet. I have been a vegetarian for over three years now, and I am feeling really good, so think it might be a good time to see how I adjust to some new healthy meats. Still keeping 98% of my diet fruit/vege though....But hoping to cut down on some of the carbs that get thrown in as fillers. Looking to cut back on crackers and breads and pastas.

Anyway, just changing things up a bit for variety's sake....Otherwise life is pretty amazing at the moment. It's getting exciting knowing that our lives are about to change drastically and in a very big sort of way. I am really looking forward to my future, and enjoying what the present moment has to offer me too!

Mantra: "Let the beauty of today enhance the joy of tomorrow" ~ Namaste

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