Tuesday, November 1, 2011


It's not always easy to find solitude and refreshment in our busy world, however, if you can get away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a moment and walk among the trees, listening to the birds singing, you can truly get a tiny taste of what serenity actually is.

About a week ago, Travis and I moved to Masterton. We are renting an amazing little house about 10k out of town in the country. It has proven to provide me with much relaxation and recuperation - exactly what I needed.

There is something therapeutic about living in the country, listening to the bees hum and the birds sing. Watching the gentle rain nourish the green grass. It is so energizing to be surrounded by fresh green and cool air. I honestly cannot describe it.

So, yes, I am feeling much more encouraged and uplifted and getting ready for summer holidays. I sat my first exam yesterday and have two more to come. Then, it's holiday time!!! I have been very blessed to have landed a casual job with a new mental health service provider in Masterton, so I am looking forward to working with their team in the near future. However, most of the summer I am planning to just enjoy being home.

I got some art supplies this week and have started a new painting and I have also really been enjoying cooking a lot and using all my lovely fresh herbs. It is a different way of life out here, and one that I am happily getting used to!

The picture above was taken from my porch this morning as I had my coffee - can't get much better than this!!

Mantra: "Let the beauty of the moment nourish your soul" ~ Namaste

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