Sunday, September 25, 2011

Still, Quiet, Peace

We spent the night near Castle Point to just have a little getaway from the world and to relax and recover from all we have had going on...

This was the perfect setting to just really embrace the beauty of the moment and to let the calm of the ocean just melt away any residual stress or anxiety.

At night the sky was clear and the stars were so incredibly bright - we could even see the milky way!

I am really enjoying getting back into my yoga, swimming, and running. This has allowed me a good opportunity for stress relief and to just reflect on what I want to gain from my life. My stress level has decreased tremendously of late, and I just feel so much healthier and more relaxed.

My goal at the moment is to just really embrace each day and find some joy and time to rest. I am making it a point to do something that I love every day and to make time for myself. I am also planning to really get back into my running over the summer holidays and perhaps even run a few races next year.

Mantra: "Today is your opportunity to embrace life and find joy in the present moment; don't put it off until tomorrow" ~ Namaste

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