Sunday, March 20, 2011


At the start of my semester my goal was simply around finding peace and calm in the midst of the chaos of my schedule - to commit to daily yoga practice and take time out to just relax. Today was day 69 of that yoga streak and it continues to bless me and allow me to de-stress in the midst of my crazy student life!

Because I did not want to over extend myself, I set no expectations for my exercise/running, no real dedication to any specific goals or anything like that.

Now that the stressful part is over I am coming into a season where there is more availability for my running and more opportunity for commitment here. Without overstepping and pushing myself too hard, I want to work towards a healthy goal of committing to a 40 day challenge.

This challenge allows me to utilize the time I have on study break as well as the first two weeks of my placements to focus on changes that will positively impact my health:

40 Day Plan:
During the week - No coffee, No sugar, No alcohol, No snacks other than vegetables
Run - minimum of four days a week with mixture of 5, 7, 11k's
Yoga - continue daily yoga practice with minimum of two one hour sessions per week
Abs - some form of core workout five days per week
Weekends - tramping, long walks, freedom to have coffee

Tomorrow starts Day 1 and I will post once a week to update my progress with this commitment. My only real expectations for the outcome after 40 days is that I would like to feel stronger and if I lost a few lbs in the process I would be quite happy with that.

It is still all about finding acceptance and grace in the moments that challenge me, so keeping this at my center is really important to me.

Mantra: "I allow myself to embrace new commitments while still accepting the person that I already am." ~ Namaste


eeyoreblues27 said...

I love your mantra for today. Does your ban include artificial sweeteners? I would think so, but never good to assume things. :D

Travis and Teniah said...

Sorry, just now saw your comment...I never use artificial sweeteners so I don't really have to ban them. I have a hard time cutting back sometimes on what I eat because I eat 99% natural and healthy food so sometimes it's really hard to find ways to cut back....The only form of sugar I am eating right now is about 1/8 tsp of honey in my tea a few times a week and on occasion if my green smoothies are too bitter I will add about a tsp of agave nectar.
Thanks for commenting!