Thursday, September 2, 2010

Organized Goals for Healthy Living

Monday will begin the second half of my second semester of first year nursing. I decided that this is a great little six week time-frame to establish some goals and challenge myself.

Going into the next six-week period I have already knocked out most of my assignments over the study break, so I can really spend time focusing on studying and preparing for mid-terms and final exams. My goal this semester was to really be organized and to limit the time that I write (and re-write) all of my assignments. So far it's been an amazing semester and I have definitely stuck to my plan.

On Monday we will be starting our placements at a local nursing home. It will be quite awesome, and at the same time a bit exhausting. Being on placement means that on top of the average study time and work schedule I will be pulling 8 hour days working as a student nurse - This doesn't allow for a lot of time for personal exercise or household duties.....So, it's really all about planning.

I measured myself again this morning and ironically I have the exact same measurements and weight that I have consistently maintained since February. This is really my healthy place so I'm content to stay with that. I would still like to see my arms a bit more toned so that is my focus.
Six Week Goals for Exercise:

  • Really focus on getting two days a week of core training in with a focus on upper body.
  • Cross Training once a week - preferably swimming
  • Three main runs a week - Distance, Speed, Moderate with any additional runs that I have time for.
Six Week Goals for Nutrition:
  • Increase intake of B-12 by increasing intake of eggs and fortified soy milk.
  • Continue no chocolate
  • No muffins for this six week period.
  • Decrease amount of breakfast porridge.
Mantra for this week:
"Make the most of every moment and embrace whatever life brings you today." ~ Namaste

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