Friday, June 4, 2010

Tramping in Winter

The weather in Palmerston North has been AMAZING for "supposedly" winter-time! Because Travis is back and he has his heart set on tramping all the time, we have managed to get in some really nice tramps this week. Thursday after work we went on the Sledge Track trail and then yesterday we did a big afternoon tramp through the Manawatu Gorge with Taryn and Tim.

I have also gotten in a lot of good runs this week, so overall it's been great! Study week was a huge success as I feel really prepared and ready for the final exams for my papers. I have three finals next week and then one the following week.

Still doing my daily yoga, but my plan is to increase my practice and start incorporating more abdominal workouts throughout the week. This week completed week two of my half marathon training schedule, so next week starts the increase in mileage...And so the story begins...

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