Monday, September 14, 2009

Goals and a New Beginning

Don't dream it, do it!!! - Be Committed

My short-term goals for the next two weeks: Stick to my running program and give up all chocolate for two weeks.

My mid-term goals for the next three months: Increase my yoga to no less than four times per week and start a new weight lifting program.

My six month goals: Lose 10lbs and get my arm muscles toned back up.

My long term Year Goal: Lose 20lbs of body fat and get back the toned muscles that I desire for my all around better health.

Some changes to make in my daily diet - I am giving up chocolate for two weeks initially to kick my sugar habit and then I want to really start limiting my intake of non-neccissary sweets and snacks. Also, to help lessen cravings, I want to lower my intake of carbs (mostly breads)

I will be posting weekly in the future as best as can be - mostly just to encourage myself to stay faithful to my personal committment towards a healthier and happier life. =)

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Cherry said...

Wow Teniah! You are one organized chick! I started weighing myself weekly again 3 weeks ago. I haven't lost but I haven't gained either. So I guess I'm good.