Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pushing Through

Okay, so before I left for vacation I was feeling really like I had started to make progress. I had started losing weight and inches and everything......I got pictures back from Vacation and I look way bigger than I think I've ever looked and I'm like, "what the heck?" My arms look big and everything!! I'm bummed. I know I shouldn't even care, but somehow I just expected to look so much better after working so hard......I'm just sharing my feelings and I know it takes a second sometimes to just vent and then it's all back to normal, so I'm just taking my "second"......I'm just a little bummed at my progress. EVERYONE at work is doing this "diet" thing where they order food and drink all these shakes and in like a week they lose 15 lbs!! (It's really expensive but it works and like 6 girls at work are doing it!!) I'm sad because it feels like they can lose it all so easy with little effort. - They don't even have to exercise! (Travis tries to encourage me by reminding me that they have like a LOT of weight to lose, but STILL...) It just can be hard to watch other people have such an easy time of it when I struggle with it so much. I think I wouldn't even care, but the older I get and the bigger I get the more and more I look like my mother and that just freaks me out all together!!!!

ANYWAY.......I'm still working out and eating healthy and I know that it will come off one day! Thanks to everyone for being faithful on your part and for encouraging me to do the same. I count on knowing that you are out there and that I'm not alone!!! By the way, Cherry, it's time for some before and after photos since you met your goal!!! YEAH...I want to see that bikini on you! haha......

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Cherry said...

Ok I was feeling all sorry for you until that bikini comment! I don't know if I really have a before picture, but I'll get someone to take an after picture. Although I thought my arms looked really big in a picture that I posted on my regular blog. So you are not alone.