Monday, July 1, 2013


I love these quiet spots in the forest where you feel you can sit and just forget about all the troubles that might be weighing you down. Travis always makes fun of me because it's when I find a spot like this that I like to sit down...He always says, "Is Teniah having a 'Peaceful Moment'!"...."Yes, she is!" haha.....

I find that these spots somehow offer a sense of serenity and comfort. I feel like no matter how stressful my day was; no matter how annoyed I am; no matter what others are saying or thinking about me....It is in this moment where I can just let it all go.

I think that is the thing I love the most about the area where I live - there are a LOT of these little peaceful spots to be found. (Or maybe it's that I'm in a place in my life where I'm always looking for them?....) Perhaps that's more accurate.....Perhaps there are peaceful spots everywhere and we are too pre-occupied with our own stresses in life that we overlook those quiet moments?

I challenge you to try and find a place of tranquility this week. Maybe it's in your house somewhere; maybe it's in a park, or by a lake, or sitting by the ocean. Wherever you go to find that place of stillness....embrace it, and just let that moment cover you. Let the quiet of that moment just overpower all the stress and all the troubles that you are holding on to.

I have been looking further into loving kindness meditation over these past three weeks, and as part of that meditation I have been seeking these peaceful moments where I can offer myself kindness and offer that same kindness out to the world. Where I can take a moment to say, "May I be safe. May I be peaceful. May I let go of all that no longer serves me. May I live in this world with ease". At the same time offering up this intention towards those I love, towards those I struggle to love, and towards the universe as a whole.

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