Thursday, March 25, 2010

Loving Kindness Meditation

I confess that this week I have had more chocolate than I have consumed in a LONG time...don't know what is up with that, but it's been a struggle this week, and I just gave in. It's my expression of love towards myself in every moment! ha.....

While I have eaten chocolate, I have not run as much this week.....What's up with that? Well, my shins started bothering me at the beginning of the week, and I opted to take a few days to rest and hopefully prevent any injury. I guess you could say that this would be considered my "break from real life" week since I have given in to both my need for physical rest as well as my need for chocolate.....Ah, it happens.

Overall things are going great. Since Travis isn't around I have definitely been indulging in a lot of steamed vegetables for dinner and smaller evening meals. (Tonight I had a bag of popcorn - again, a treat for myself! - Guess I have felt the need to "treat" myself a lot this week!) Note to self, that the week is ending and so must the indulgence. =) haha.

My approach to running is changing slightly as I am trying to really follow my body and just go where it tells me. I decided that if I am not running a race or something then I shouldn't stress over training. I want running to continue to be fun and therapeutic, so I am just going to follow a "guideline" and let things fall into place depending on how I feel. Taking the pressure off, actually allows for more flexibility and less judgment towards myself.

It's really all about letting go of the judgment and offering myself a dose of loving kindness throughout my week. I am learning that it is hard to offer to others what you cannot give yourself. If you are critical of yourself, you are more likely to be critical of others as well. If you offer yourself kindness, than hopefully the kindness will also flow through to those around you.

As part of my loving kindness meditation I have been using this mantra this week:
"May I be happy just as I am...May I be safe and protected from inner and outer harm...May I be healthy, free from physical suffering...May I live in this world with ease, free from inner and outer conflict." ~ Namaste


foodfitnessfreshair said...

My spring break two weeks ago was a week full of chocolate indulgence. Yet towards the end of the week, my body started to feel kind of sluggish. I've layed off the sugar since and am starting to feel back to normal...but a little bit of chocolate indulgence every once in awhile may be a good thing! I too have come to similar terms with running over the past year. I am running so much less than I used to, but feeling really good, so I think for me it's for the best!

Travis and Teniah said...

I totally is too short not to indulge sometimes! =) But everything in moderation....won't be buying any chocolate for a while again, I had my fun and now it's time to be real! haha....=)

beekeats said...

I have definitely be eating too many sweets as of late too. And its not even that much.. but like Grace said.. even the slightest bit of indulgence makes you feel sluggish! C'est la vie.. but it sounds like you are doing well miss Teniah. And seriously. blog reading. a break is always nice, right? Although I have definitely missed it.. my health and schoolwork come first!