Saturday, November 21, 2009

14 Week Challenge

Well, I found that due to traveling around so much I couldn't really stick with my Body for Life challenge. I have been really faithful to running and yoga though so I have seen some great results from that. Not sure how much weight I have lost, but I can definitely tell my body is tightening up so that's awesome.

So, here is my new challenge since I am in a home now (well, apt.) and can stick to something more solid......It's 14 weeks until I start school so this is my challenge to stick to my program until school starts and by then I will have a good base to branch off and work out a new schedule at that point.

I found that BFL just doesn't have enough running involved so I am adapting my own program based on the "concept" of some of the principals I learned from BFL. Plus I want to try a new lifting routine so we will see how that goes......

I have a detailed schedule, but will spare you the details: suffice it to say that I will be running four days a week, (mixture of distance and speed) lifting upper body twice a week and lower body twice a week with two days of cross training at the gym (bike/elliptical) and one free day a week. Each day I also have a selected yoga practice to complete and abs interspersed. It's a lot, but I basically have a lot of free time right now so it's no big deal.....

That's where I'm at right now......Eating TONS of fresh vege and fruit and cooking a lot of grains etc. Really focusing on healthy meal choices and loving the availability of produce here!!!

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